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Chengdu Ruichang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. solemnly promises:

1. Technical information: We are responsible for providing: the certificate of the auxiliary machine and purchased parts of the whole machine, the product safety certificate and other relevant certificates; the energy consumption indicators and parameters of the equipment; the acceptance criteria and the acceptance outline for the buyer's reference; providing maintenance The specific content and after-sales service content; other parameters and materials necessary to ensure the normal operation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

2. After-sales service: We guarantee to provide users with timely, prompt and high-quality services. Provide spare parts, spare parts, and information on the use and maintenance techniques of the equipment required by the acquirer as quickly as possible. During the quality assurance period, the equipment is deactivated (except for human factors). We will arrive at the place of origin of the buyer within 24 hours, and the expenses will be borne by us. We provide one year free warranty on the equipment provided and lifetime maintenance.

3. Installation and training: We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and provide technical training to the users during installation and commissioning, including: installation, operation, maintenance, programming and troubleshooting, and provide corresponding training materials. During the quality assurance period, the buyer's technical staff will be provided with at least two professional trainings free of charge. The training content includes the answers to the operation, the maintenance, the deepening of the programming, the troubleshooting and the comprehensive development of the various functions of the equipment. .

4. Quality assurance period

(1) The quality guarantee period is one year after the equipment is qualified.

(2) After the quality assurance period, the seller will provide the buyer with timely, high-quality, qualified and preferential technical services and spare parts supply.

Chengdu Ruichang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Note: This agreement and the contract are valid at the same time)

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Chengdu Ruichang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address: Longtan Industrial Park, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Phone:028-8341 8055

Mobile:138 8098 8087/Ms. Guo