Spring cultivation time, the agricultural supply side, the agricultural article


The next is the time of the recovery of all things. The rural areas around the rural areas are surrounded by structural reforms in agriculture, protecting the land, improving varieties, improving quality, and writing large articles on ecological agriculture in the spring fields.
Since the beginning of the spring, the factory-based nursery greenhouse of the Xingan County Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Jiangxi has been busy, and more than a dozen farmers are grafting watermelon seedlings. Using new technologies to cultivate new varieties, the products produced are not only good to sell, but also benefit a lot.
In the agricultural and forestry village of Famen Town, Fufeng County, Baoji, Shaanxi, more than 90,000 pepper saplings imported from other places were planted in turn. Because of the three years of fruit trees, the local crops were used to improve land utilization. The agricultural and forestry village is located in the dry belt of Qiaoshan. After repeated investigations, the agricultural technology department found that the landform features belong to the eugenic area of ​​Dahongpao pepper. This year, the introduction of pepper saplings has become a new catcher to help the people get rid of poverty.
In Anshun, Guizhou, the villagers seized the favorable season for planting lotus roots, bending down the pond and planting lotus roots. In order to turn this flooded field that relies on the heavens into a cornucopia of farmers' income, the local investment of 110 million yuan has transferred more than 5,000 mu of land to build the lotus root industry. At present, the planting base hires villagers who have the ability to work after the land transfer to participate in the planting of lotus roots, and the annual per capita income will reach more than 3,500 yuan.
From south to north, adjusting, regulating and optimizing the agricultural structure has become the main theme on the vast land. People have developed high-efficiency horticultural crops such as special fruits, facilities vegetables and tea, and Chinese herbal medicines, oil tea, flowers and other special industries. At the same time as the article on improving quality and efficiency, the feedback on land and ecology has become a loud chord in the sound of spring.
In Dali, Yunnan, the battle to replace chemical fertilizers with bio-organic fertilizers started in the sea. 80% of government subsidies, 20% of cooperatives, and the widespread use of organic fertilizers have transformed agricultural production methods and farmers' lifestyles. A collection of livestock and poultry manures not only blocked the main pollutants from the surface pollution of the Bohai Sea, but also opened up a new channel for the masses to increase their income.
At the same time, in the 800-acre terraced tea garden in Xiuning County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, tea farmers are busy installing solar insecticidal lamps to use the phototaxis of pests to eliminate pests.

key words: Spring cultivation time, the agricultural supply side, the agricultural article