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Insect lamp pull net mesh to prevent cotton bollworm

Insect lamp pull net mesh to prevent cotton bollworm

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One, three, six regiments and three technicians are on the side of the cotton field in the eastern area of the company. They are wiring and suspending the frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp to prepare for the early control of cotton bollworm. The frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp, which uses the discharge to generate wavelength color light, induces the cotton bollworm larvae to fly the moth to carry out electric shock hunting, thereby killing the adult bollworm, reducing the amount of eggs in the field, reducing the number of pests, and achieving the biological control of the boll The purpose of the worm.
    At present, the cotton-growing units of the 136th group have installed more than 600 kinds of frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps around the cotton fields, constructing the Tianluo network, pulling the net array, and carrying out the biological control of cotton bollworm early.
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