Farmers buy solar insecticidal lamps to kill insects


This year, Wuyuan supports farmers to purchase multi-functional and convenient solar-powered insect-repellent lamps. It uses the optimal wavelength of the trap and the microcomputer control chip to realize the intelligence. The high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar energy is used as the maintenance-free lead-acid battery during the day. Provide electricity, first convert solar energy into electric energy storage, automatically turn off the light, and automatically start light wave resonance to trap light source in the evening, use pest phototaxis and sensitivity to light intensity change to attract pests, high voltage generated by power grid will induce pests to kill Killing and killing pests.

Once installed, solar insecticidal lamps use insects every day to make the food and vegetables produced into truly non-toxic, pollution-free green foods. Using solar energy to provide power saves energy, eliminating the need to pull wires and replace conventional electricity. It also saves labor time for pesticide application, and effectively protects and improves the agricultural ecological environment and reduces agricultural non-point source pollution.

key words: Farmers buy solar insecticidal lamps to kill insects