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Chengdu builds agricultural “Tianfu brand”

Chengdu builds agricultural “Tianfu brand”

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  Eligible agricultural enterprises can receive a maximum subsidy of 1 million yuan; promote "Tianfu grain" and "Chengdu flavor" to the world

  How to create a batch of “Chengdu Made” agricultural “Tianfu Brand” with certain influence at home and abroad, let “Tianfu Food” and “Chengdu Flavor” go to the whole country and go to the world? The reporter learned from the Chengdu Government Office on October 30th. The city has officially issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Branding of Agricultural Standardization", which will shape the overall image of Chengdu's agricultural brands in an all-round, multi-faceted and multi-angled manner.

  Chengdu will focus on agricultural leading industries and characteristic industries, learn from the concept of industrial development, business model, based on standardization, scale, and organized production, highlighting the main body of enterprises and strengthening government promotion. To shape the “Tianfu brand” of agriculture, Chengdu has come up with a package of plans, including: strengthening the construction of standardized bases, strengthening standardized production management, supporting standardized certification, improving quality traceability system, building brand system, carrying out brand promotion and marketing, promoting the development of brand enterprises, etc. .

  On the one hand, it is a strong internal quality. Chengdu will implement the arable land quality improvement project, the upgrade project of livestock and poultry farms, and promote the construction of standardized agricultural plantation parks (farms); establish and improve the standard system, achieve standardized production, and guarantee the excellent quality, quality and safety of agricultural products. “We will also establish a full-scale quality supervision mechanism. We will conduct regular sampling inspections on branded agricultural products and issue random inspection results on a regular basis.” The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Agricultural Committee said that it will also set up a brand quality traceability management platform to realize the production record of brand agricultural enterprises. Storage, product flow can be tracked, storage and transportation information can be queried.

  On the other hand, it is a plastic brand, and Chengdu’s support is unprecedented. The “advertising” of brand-name agricultural enterprises that have been listed as key support and county-level regional brands that have obtained geographical indication certification will receive a one-off subsidy of a certain proportion of input costs, up to a maximum of 1 million yuan. For the newly opened branded agricultural products franchise stores and meet the standard requirements, the company owners shall be given a one-time subsidy of 30% of the store opening fee, up to 500,000 yuan.

  In addition, Chengdu also supports brand agricultural enterprises to carry out technology research and development and mergers and acquisitions. Brand agricultural enterprises will receive a one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan for the introduction of equipment and technology that meets the standards. For agricultural enterprises with a merger and reorganization target of more than 100 million yuan, a one-time reward of 1 million yuan will also be granted.

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