Green prevention and control measures


Spring green control technology measures

The canola stem is like a canola weevil. The worm is distributed in various rapeseed producing areas in China, and the northwestern region is harmful, mainly for rapeseed and other cruciferous plants. The larvae are smashed in the stems, and the adults damage the leaves and the bark. In severe cases, the stem is 70%, causing the plant to fold.

The annual generation, the adult wintering in the cracks of the rapeseed field. Hunchun Oil Lay enters the twitching stage, and the female adult is on the stem of the rapeseed. A small hole is drilled through the mouthparts, and the egg is put into the hole. The spawning period is about 10 days. The newly hatched larvae feed up and down in the stem. The stem is eaten into a tunnel, and after the stem pulp is hollowed out, it is easy to fall down when the wind is encountered, and the affected stem is swollen or distorted until it is cracked, which seriously affects the growth, branching and pod formation of the damaged plant, and the yellow stem is early, and the grain cannot be Mature or whole plant withered.

Control method:

1. After deepening the land in time, you can kill some wintering adults and reduce the number of insects in the coming year.

2, according to the adult's suspended animation, can be artificially captured to capture.

3, biological control Protect natural enemies or artificial rearing to release bee, grasshopper, scorpion flies and a variety of ladybugs.

4, yellow board lure. Set a yellow sticky board around the canola planting. Inserted around the crop, 0.5 meters above the ground, 15-30 pieces per acre, so that a lot of traps can be trapped.

5, combined with the prevention and control of other pests, using Ruichang frequency vibration insecticidal lamp to trap adult.

key words: Green prevention and control measures