In the rural areas of Sichuan during the spring ploughing season, let the farmers use less medicine and use safe medicine!


In early spring, it is an important time for spring ploughing. The quality of agricultural products and the safety of agricultural products are major events related to people's livelihood. Recently, the reporter went to Meishan, a large agricultural city in Sichuan Province, to investigate and understand the local situation.

When agricultural investment is underway

When the reporter arrived at the agricultural product wholesale market in Dongpo District of Meishan City, the Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade was conducting random inspections of 36 agricultural product retail stores in the district. In a farmer's sales shop called “Xinyuchen Agricultural Resources Chain Market Department”, Xu Yonglei, the deputy captain, took the team members to check the newly listed pesticide “beta-cypermethrin”. It is reported that the main function of the drug is to kill the vegetables in the vegetables. Bacterial worms are commonly used pesticides by farmers.

Xu Yonglei introduced that the inspection mainly depends on whether the currently sold pesticides have added banned ingredients and sampled the results.

Zhou Liguo, the chief of the agricultural administrative law enforcement team, told reporters that it concentrated all the local agricultural sales points, which is the main channel for farmers to purchase pesticides, and also the focus of the law enforcement brigade inspection. "Now we require wholesalers to sign the agricultural product quality commitment letter, but also to sign the agricultural product quality and safety responsibility book. This not only ensures the quality of agricultural products, but also ensures the safety of farmers using agricultural products." Zhou Liguo said.

Enthusiastic boss escorts farmers

In Baima Town, there is a well-known agricultural product sales store, entering the door of the “Wancun Qianxiang Reassurance Store”. The owner Qian Yongyan is also updating the article on “fungal diseases” on his website. . It is understood that Qian Yongyan's agricultural product store has been in operation for 12 years and is very popular among local farmers.

Qian Yongyan told reporters that during his years of sales, many farmers were found to have suffered huge losses because they bought fake fertilizers and seeds. Therefore, he used the knowledge he had learned at the Agricultural Broadcasting School to launch the two websites of “Mangan Information Network” and “Shangde Agricultural Network”, and also opened the personal WeChat public number, often publishing related agricultural products, pest control, etc. The article solves the problem for farmers.

It is understood that Qian Yongyan began to give lectures to farmers in the town every month from 2007, popularizing agricultural knowledge, and regularly editing text messages to more than 2,000 farmers to guide them to purchase agricultural products.

"My pesticides here will come back to me and I will experiment and promote them. I must not let the people suffer losses." Qian Yongyan said, "In fact, my idea is very simple, that is, let the farmers use less medicine and use safe medicine!"

Townships equipped with speedometers are only for agricultural products safety

The 23-year-old Yu Wei is a full-time inspector hired in Chongli Town, Meishan City. When he saw her in Chongli Town Cuixian Vegetable Professional Cooperative, Yu Yu was debugging the speed measurement equipment. According to Liu Yi, deputy director of the Meishan Agriculture Bureau, since last year, Dongpo District has successively equipped 23 townships with agricultural product inspection speedometers and hired full-time testing personnel.

“All towns and towns are equipped with speedometers, which are mainly used to detect the problem of excessive pesticide residues and heavy metals exceeding the standard. It can not only reduce the workload of the Agricultural Bureau, but also make it possible to find a wider range of problems to ensure the safety of agricultural products.” Liu Yi said.

Xiang Feng, the vice chairman of the Cuixian Vegetable Professional Cooperative, told the reporter that with the speedometer, the cooperative can know in time whether the vegetables in the land are safe and control the safety from the initial production. At the beginning of the spring ploughing, the speedometer will definitely come in handy.

It is reported that Sichuan has recently launched seven special rectification actions such as agricultural investment counterfeiting and agricultural product quality safety. Zhu Chunxiu, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture, said that the current spring ploughing is the most important season of agriculture in the year, and will adopt the strictest supervision to protect the spring field management and spring ploughing. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Di)

key words: In the rural areas of Sichuan during the spring ploughing season, let the farmers use less medicine and use safe medicine!