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Organic agriculture, the heart of the people

Organic agriculture, the heart of the people

The food safety problem can not be resolved slowly. First, because we are too focused on technology introduction, pursuing economic benefits, and the agricultural ecosystem is hurt. Second, the busine


Blessed are you still suffering from insects!

Blessed are you still suffering from insects!

Agricultural and forest pests are the main enemy restricting agricultural development, affecting the yield and quality of crops. The widespread use of pesticides now makes environmental pollution and


In the rural areas of Sichuan during the spring ploughing season, let the farmers use less medicine and use safe medicine!

In early spring, it is an important time for spring ploughing. The quality of agricultural products and the safety of agricultural products are major events related to people's livelihood. Recently, t


"Key farming season" explanation

For example: seeding or seedling (transplanting) of field crops (rice, corn, etc.), field fertilizer management and pest control during seedling stage, pruning and fertilization of fruit trees (such a


Spring cultivation time, the agricultural supply side, the agricultural article

The next is the time of the recovery of all things. The rural areas around the rural areas are surrounded by structural reforms in agriculture, protecting the land, improving varieties, improving qual


Insect lamp pull net mesh to prevent cotton bollworm



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