Benchtop thermostat


Tabletop constant temperature oscillator failure phenomenon: 1. The tray does not rotate. Causes: 1. Mechanical failure, broken glass stuck. 2. The belt is detached. 3. The motor burned out. 4. The speed measuring head is dusty or damaged. 5. The speed control board is damaged. Solution: 1. Open the box door and push the board frame by hand. If it is pushed, it may be stuck in broken glass. Remove the lower layer rocking board and check if there is any glass jam. If there is no mechanical jam, replace the bearing. 2. Open the front door and check if the belt is off. 3. Check if the motor is hot and replace the motor. 4. Clean the dust of the speed measuring head or replace the speed measuring head. 5. Replace the speed control board. Benchtop thermostat

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