Organic agriculture, the heart of the people


The food safety problem can not be resolved slowly. First, because we are too focused on technology introduction, pursuing economic benefits, and the agricultural ecosystem is hurt. Second, the business mode of one household is in an unorganized production state. Recently, Hu Yuegao, a professor at the Agricultural College of China Agricultural University, said at an organic agriculture development exchange meeting held by the school.

After examining many organic farms, Hu Yuegao was surprised to find that some developments were perfect, beyond imagination, and inspired his new understanding: "The conceptual model and technical system of our agricultural development needs to be updated."

In rural China, the incidence of malignant diseases such as cancer and cancer has increased in some places, and farmers are the first victims of excessive use of chemicals such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In the investigation, Hu Yuegao realized that many farmers are also eager for the development of organic agriculture.

“The medicines and foods are homologous, and organic ingredients are good for your health. Many Chinese friends are now saying that they need organic products. A decade ago, many people still didn’t understand this.” From Belgium, it is called “China-European Organic Agriculture Exchange Messenger. Yu Ping said.

Morris from France revealed that in Europe, many mothers are more willing to choose organic products when they buy clothes for their children.

Hu Yuegao judged that the development of organic agriculture is the trend of the people and the general trend. Organic agriculture is forming a positive agricultural development trend.

A look at European organic agriculture

Fertile and healthy soils have a scent of soil that is different from the soil in which chemicals are applied. In the photo shown, you can see the intoxicating expression of Morris holding his own farm soil. When he went to visit the farms everywhere, he first looked at the soil. The soil that had used the herbicide would soon be classified as a bad one.

Morris's farm is located in Alsace in northeastern France, and neighboring Germany and Switzerland are the places where Europe began to pay more attention to environmental protection and organic farming.

As an international organic agriculture ambassador and a member of the International Organic Agriculture Certification, Morris has traveled to more than 600 organic farms in more than 40 countries since 1991. Five years later, in 1996 he began to work on his own organic farm.

His parents' farm is a farm that uses chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, and Morris is reluctant to return to their path.

At Morris's farm, the machine for harvesting potatoes can be automatically sorted at the same time. There are advanced mechanized equipment, but when mixing the fermenting bacteria, it must be operated by people, not machines. Life, there will be interaction with people," Morris said.

The organic agriculture fair held by Morris in conjunction with some organic farms has been going on for more than a decade. Through this social and cultural exchange, he tried to influence more consumers and producers. Today, there are 260 organic farms participating in the fair. . In the second year of the Expo, Morris invited the French Minister of Agriculture to attend the opening ceremony. “The officials responsible for agriculture understand that this is important because they influence the country’s future agricultural policies.”

From the perspective of Europe, the size of the organic market continues to increase. According to the 2015 data, the organic planting area in Europe reached 1.27 million hectares and the consumption amount was nearly 30 billion euros.

Interoperability, improve together

“A lot of things need to be introduced, and we have not done enough.” Zhu Anni, technical director of Beijing Liuhe Shenzhou Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd., said that she is known as the pioneer of organic agriculture in China and has traveled to Europe for international exchanges in organic agriculture. activity.

For example, a British tea artist with more than 600 formulas can be equipped with a variety of flower teas and fruit teas. Many of the patterns are beautiful, but Chinese tea is relatively rough and inadequate in terms of packaging, production and promotion. Big.

It used to be that China's traditional agriculture was doing well, with a history of 5,000 years, but now Zhu Anni realizes that some organic farms in Europe have been better at intensive farming than China. In comparison, in the current practice of organic agriculture in China, the application of microbial fertilizers, especially in the pursuit of quality while ensuring the technical route of production, has certain advantages over the European method of organic conservation of soil based on fallow, and is more in line with China. There are many national conditions. “Everyone has come over thousands of years of history. Every nation has its own excellent traditions. China has the richest written records. Organic agriculture is the common wealth of mankind. No matter who controls it, it is good for nature and people. ""

Yu Ping is very happy to help China push good products to Europe. He just came to China to participate in a tea fair. "Chinese tea is good, but organic tea is not yet ready."

He is a Chinese specialty. Yu Ping revealed that the Europeans bought the cockroaches, mainly from Japan, because the planting and processing were organized by the Japanese and finally the Japanese brand. Chinese people go to sell cockroaches, many people do not believe in their safety, and China’s slogan’s propaganda and credibility have not yet been achieved.

However, the development of organic agriculture in Europe and the United States has their difficulties. Hu Yuegao said that after all, it is the birthplace of conventional agriculture and modern agriculture, and the development of organic agriculture faces greater resistance.

At the same time, organic agriculture is also facing increasing demand in China. Various related training courses are getting hotter and hotter, and there are more and more related associations. The university-sponsored organic agriculture related research institutions are also increasing.

Real health path

“Mangosteen must be organically grown. This is a special health product in China. If it is grown in the form of chemical agriculture such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, how to play its proper health care role?” A company head of a company that is related to Luo Han Guo. When attending the organic farming course taught by Zhu Anni, Zhu Anni told him.

Before the organic production, the company's annual turnover was more than one million yuan. After three years, the company obtained organic certification. The company's annual turnover reached tens of millions of yuan. Last year, the company's turnover has reached 100 million yuan.

He Jianzeng, the founder of Hengrong Agriculture, said that in a region, traditional farming methods are used, modern and harmless technologies, and other technical systems formed by mutual biology are formed, so that a complete organic production system can be formed, and the original waste can be used as Recycling resources can not only improve product quality, but also ensure food safety. More importantly, it can ensure the production. It can not only realize the organic delicious food that Zhu Anni advocates, but also the total amount of food that can be provided in one region will be greater than The chemical agriculture system, the organic production system of several villages already made in Shanxi, has basically reached this point.

Hu Yuegao and his colleague Wang Xiaofen are instructing graduate students to conduct comparative research on microbial fertilizer technology to replace different fertilizers and explore the organic production methods of cooperatives. Through years of exploration, I feel that cooperatives are likely to be a convenient way for China to move through organic agriculture. Choosing organic agriculture is the result of practice and the result of rational thinking. Hu Yuegao believes that the direction of China's ecological civilization has been clear, and organic agriculture is the basic road to achieve sustainable development and reach the goal. This will also be the road to harmony, the road to health and the road to self-confidence that China is truly moving towards the future.

key words: Organic agriculture, the heart of the people