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Vertical double door thermostat (SVDC-B263)

Vertical double door thermostat (SVDC-B263)

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Product Description
Large-screen LCD display, user-friendly interface. Double-door and double-window symmetrical design, the tray area is greatly increased, the large-capacity sample loading is realized, the height is moderate, and the sample is easy to observe and pick-and-place, which is suitable for laboratory pilot test. Widely used in botany, biology, microbiology, genetics, virology, environmental protection, medicine and other fields.
Instrument features:
★ Real-time parameters and setting parameters of temperature, speed and timing can be displayed on the same screen.
★Long running, timing 999:59 (or normally open), display working hours, then complete the sound and light alarm.
★Tray can be moved in three ways: smooth, anti-time, smooth, and reverse.
★Multi-mode multi-program programming control, three program-controlled operation modes can be preset, each mode can set up to 10 program segments, and set the temperature, speed and time parameters of the experimental process.
★ Each temperature sensor and important point temperature can be corrected by the panel.
★Reservation switch function
★ When programming is running, the end mode can be selected as stop, cycle, hold
★ Power failure recovery time can be set arbitrarily
Humanized design
● Menu selection, easy to operate.
● New fluorine-free design, so that you always walk in front of a healthy life.
●The movable swing design makes it easy to replace the fixing device of the culture container.
●The constant temperature and oscillation functions can work independently instead of the constant temperature incubator and shaker.
●Automatic lighting can be opened, and the fluorescent lamp can be turned on in the case of closing the door to facilitate various situations.
● UV disinfection system, UV disinfection system provides convenient for periodic disinfection of the instrument.
System Features
● Run parameter memory function to avoid cumbersome operation, system parameter encryption, and avoid human error.
● Call recovery function, which is not affected by power interruption. After the device restarts, it can automatically resume operation according to the original setting program.
● Fault display, the LCD screen displays the cause of the abnormality and timely reflects the operating status of the instrument.
● Restore factory settings to easily solve the problem of system settings disorder.
Quality Assurance
● Germany brushless DC motor, stepless speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed, maintenance-free.
●Taiwan fans drive air circulation with strong wind pressure, low noise and long-term operation.
● Polyurethane foaming, better insulation performance.
security function
●It has a self-stop device for opening the door, no temperature overshoot, and at the same time guarantee personal safety.
●Unique control of the speed circuit, gently start and stop, to ensure that the experimental sample does not splash overflow.
●Double temperature control protection system to ensure safe operation without accidents.
● Stop immediately when the machine is faulty, ensuring the operator's personal safety, equipment safety and safety of the test sample.
Vertical double-door full-temperature oscillator--Main technical parameters
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