Normal temperature oscillator (SRLA-8261)




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Friendly human-computer interaction interface; simple structure, economical and practical, widely used in centralized constant temperature in the same constant temperature room, pilot test and mass production of cluster oscillation. The oscillator is divided into a small machine (SRLA-8261, SRLA-G261) and a mainframe (SRLA-C261, SRLA-P261). Among them, SRLA-8261 and SRLA-C261 are single-layer pallet design, SRLA-G261, SRLA. -P261 is a double tray design.
Instrument features:
★Adopt advanced DC brushless variable frequency drive technology, energy saving, low noise and maintenance free.
★ Real-time parameters and setting parameters of speed and timing can be displayed on the same screen.
★ Support multiple oscillation modes to make mixing more fully.
★Multi-mode multi-program programming control, three program-controlled operation modes (10 segments for each mode) can be preset, and the speed and time parameters of the experimental process are set separately.
★ The instrument can be manually suspended during operation, which is convenient for operation.
★ Power-down recovery function, the time of power-down recovery can be set, and the call can be automatically/manually resumed after the call.
★ Schedule the switch function.
●Unique speed control circuit, gently start and stop, to ensure that the experimental sample will not splash.
● Stop immediately when the machine is faulty to ensure the safety of equipment and experimental samples.
Scope of use
It is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization and biochemical reactions, as well as enzyme and cell tissue research, which have high requirements on temperature and oscillation frequency. It has a wide range of important applications in research applications such as medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmaceuticals, food, and environmental protection.
Normal temperature oscillator - main technical parameters

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