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Pest TV editing system

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Product Description
1. Wide compatibility. Provides complete connectivity support for traditional SD equipment.
2, a variety of interfaces to read video files, in addition to the audio and video interface they wear, you can also read files for editing through a universal interface such as USB, optical drive.
3, the output mode is extensive, including: output MPEG.AVI, MP4, WMV, MP3 and other files for the hard disk broadcast system, output to the video tape through the audio and video interface, burn DVD or VCD disc, store to the server through the network or remotely, It can also be connected directly to a monitor for broadcast or preview.
4, support a variety of codec, full real-time multi-standard, multi-format, high-definition mixed editing function
5, interface box video interface includes: composite, S terminal input and output, audio interface includes: unbalanced input and output can meet all analog SD equipment connection, through the 1394 interface can directly capture / record DV, DVCAM signal. The interface box is connected to the host through the data line for data transmission, and outputs (PAL system) 720x576, (NTSC system) 720 x480 standard definition signal.
6, with a strong upgrade potential, by adding HD extensions and upgraded version of the software, you can support: HDV, DVCPro 50/HD, P2 or P2 HD, XDCAM and XDCAM EX and other latest high-definition devices, become full HD non- Linear editing system. Real-time bidirectional analog/DV conversion with HD extensions.
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