Pesticide Residue Detector NYC08L




1. Refer to the “GB/T5009.199-2003” standard design for rapid determination of organophosphorus and carbamate 
pesticide residues in vegetables.
2、8 channels of independent light source detection, all detection channels are independent of each other, do not 
interfere with each other; can manually close unused channels.
★3、Large LCD color screen display, full Chinese operation interface, support all Chinese handwriting input.
4、comes with large-capacity FLASH (memory), can automatically save the detection data of each channel.
5、A variety of information on the sample to be tested is included in the machine to facilitate traceability of 
sample test results.
6、With a micro printer, you can print test reports directly.
★7、It can view historical data records and selectively print out relevant data; it comes with automatic search 
8、Powered by a large-capacity, long-life lithium battery for easy on-site inspection.
9、You can directly enter the vegetable name, fruit name, built-in 30 vegetable names and 10 fruit names to choose 
10、The instrument automatically determines whether the data is qualified, instead of manual judgment, the test 
results are more scientific and intuitive.
11、The instrument comes with a calibration function and is maintenance-free.
12、Optional vehicle power supply provides convenient flow detection for users.
★13、The instrument is equipped with a USB interface for easy connection to a computer and for data processing and 
statistical analysis. The system supports online upgrade function, which is convenient for upgrading
technical parameter:
1、Photocurrent stability: ≤ +1% T / 3 minutes
2、Transmittance accuracy: ≤ +1.5%
3、Transmittance repeatability: s0.5%
4、Absorbance display value range: 0.001-4.000
5、Inhibition rate measurement range: 0-100%
6、Test time: 1-9 minutes optional

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