Disease and insect survey statistic RC-NT2




technical parameter:
  1, 7 inch 16 million color true color display screen, full touch screen supports a variety of input methods, friendly work interface, small size, simple operation.
  2. According to the pests and diseases of various crops, the classification subjects and types can be set by themselves.
★ 3, you can view the history and display it in the form of a common form.
  4, with a data transmission port, easy to operate online with the computer.
5, the number of recorded data is not limited (depending on the memory capacity, the factory standard 5 million).
★ 6, can directly generate a form file, and freely name it for recording and processing.
  7. There are various statistical methods. Diseases, pests, pests and diseases can be separated and counted, and comprehensive statistics can also be used.
  8, can indicate the collection time, location, crop name, number, record information and statistical methods.
★ 9, comes with memory function, when filling in the data, the system automatically remembers the input information, the next input will prompt all the input information before the alternative, in order to quickly enter; when creating new data, the system will retain the last time before Enter the information, the user only needs to modify the corresponding parameters and can save trouble.
★ 10, support image acquisition.
★ 11, support chart query function.

key words: Disease and insect survey statistic RC-NT2