Disease and insect survey statistic (RC-NT5)




1. The pest and disease survey statistician requires the name of the insect, the collection location, the number of classifications, etc., which can be entered at any time, store the statistical data of the pests and diseases, and upload the statistical data to the computer to edit and generate the chart.
2. Configuration requirements: including statistics, software, and data lines.
3. The classification subjects and types can be set according to the pests and diseases of various plants.
4. The time, place, plant name and statistical method of collection can be indicated.
5. Record no less than 100 pest and disease data at a time, showing the accumulated value.
6. With a data transfer port, you can connect to your computer.
7. With the data export function to generate a variety of graphical charts.
8. It is equipped with special operation software for pest and disease investigation statistics.

key words: Disease and insect survey statistic (RC-NT5)