Pole type single lampRC-NX-LP311S




Can be widely used in: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, vegetables, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, storage, brewing wine, garden, orchard, urban greening, aquaculture, quarantine and other fields. Traps in a variety of insects, such as pest cutworm (including the moth, silver grain to the moth, beet armyworm, cabbage moth), black cutworm moth, plutella xylostella, food, tobacco, cotton bollworm, nutritional maruca testulalis moth, silk moth, bean hawkmoth, melon red tiger moth, yellow belly tiger moth, dung beetles, mole crickets, taro, ground beetle, jump, single hawkmoth, photoluminescence, etc. To 87 families and 1287 species of insect pests.
Vertical pole type insect killing lamp
1) model no. : rc-nx-lp311s
Product features:
1. Refer to GB/T 24689.2-2009 standards for plant protection machinery frequency vibration insecticidal lamp.
2. Shape of frequency vibration lamp: round and single lamp; Frequency vibration lamp color: yellow.
3. Automatic protection in rainy days.
4. Time period control can be added: according to the living habits of target pests, 10 time periods can be set (in hours).
5, light control function, automatically turn off the light in the day, automatically turn on the light at night, not affected by strong light.
6, according to night and day intelligent control charge and discharge and lights on and off.
7. Power grid overcurrent short-circuit protection.
8, with the battery overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit protection function.
9, grid vertical installation, easy to clean and prevent the accumulation of insects.
10. The main structure is made of stainless steel.
Performance parameters:
1. Lure light source: U tube with 15W power.
2. Power: ≤35W.
Solar cell module material: single crystal silicon; Power: 50 wp or higher.
4, battery: DC12V 24Ah maintenant-free colloidal battery (work 6 hours a day, three consecutive days of rainy weather can work normally).
5. Working voltage: DC12V.
6, insulation resistance: 20 m Ω DC500V acuity.
7. Power grid voltage: ≥2300V.
8. Single light lure pest impact area: ≥0.15㎡.
9. Height of lamp body: 3000mm.
10. Single light control radius: 120m in farmland area and 80m in forest area.
11, design life: 10-15 years (except lamp and battery).

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