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Vertical pole type solar energy kill insect lamp double lampRC-NX-LP311D

Vertical pole type solar energy kill insect lamp double lampRC-NX-LP311D

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Product Description
Can be widely used in: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, vegetables, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, storage, brewing wine, garden, orchard, urban greening, aquaculture, quarantine and other fields. Traps in a variety of insects, such as pest cutworm (including the moth, silver grain to the moth, beet armyworm, cabbage moth), black cutworm moth, plutella xylostella, food, tobacco, cotton bollworm, nutritional maruca testulalis moth, silk moth, bean hawkmoth, melon red tiger moth, yellow belly tiger moth, dung beetles, mole crickets, taro, ground beetle, jump, single hawkmoth, photoluminescence, etc. To 87 families and 1287 species of insect pests.
Model: the RC - NX - LP311D
Main features: stainless steel, electric shock, double lamp
Main configuration: light control + rain control + time control, electric shock to kill insects, solar charge, battery power supply, adjustable height
(I) product features:
1. The main structure is made of stainless steel.
2. Shape of frequency vibration lamp: round and double lamp; Frequency vibration lamp color: yellow.
3. Automatic protection in rainy days.
4. Time control: according to the living habits of target pests, the light can be automatically turned off for 3-6 hours at any time.
5, light control function, automatically turn off the light in the day, automatically turn on the light at night, not affected by strong light.
6, with the battery over charge, over discharge, short circuit protection function, power grid over current short circuit protection.
7. Vertical installation of power grid facilitates cleaning and prevents accumulation of insects.
8. Fault detection function of rain control sensor.
9. Automatic fault detection, display and protection.
10. Support the detection and query of parameters such as charging and discharging current, voltage and electric quantity of solar power supply system, as well as information parameters such as lamp control and working status query, so as to realize automatic management.
(ii) performance parameters:
1. Lure light source: the long-life waterproof multi-spectrum LED lure light tube has no less than 5 spectra, which can be adjusted according to the actual need of insect killing.
2. Solar cell module material: single crystal silicon; Power: 50Wp.
3. Working voltage: DC12V.
4. Battery: DC12V 50AH maintenant-free colloidal battery (works for 6 hours every day and works normally in rainy weather for 5 consecutive days).
5. Overall lamp height: 3m.
6, insulation resistance: 20 m Ω DC500V acuity.
7. Power grid voltage: 5780V.
8. Single light trapping pest impact area: ≥0.15m2.
9. Measured voltage value: 5.78kv, measured high voltage power on time: 140.8s, measured voltage rise time: 1.36s.
10, design life: 10 ~ 15 years (except battery).
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