Main features: impact screen, high temperature insect killing, automatic switch of insect collector, environment detection, data recording, real-time monitoring
Main configuration: light control + rain control + time control, 220V power supply, can be connected to 20W black light lamp tube
Or a 200W incandescent bulb; Insect collector with automatic switch, far infrared heater, ground temperature, ground humidity, wind speed, wind direction, illumination display automatic printing single machine accumulative storage for one year or connected to the computer
Product features:
1, compatible with ATCSP pest detection and prevention system.
2. Adopt the unique pest control and drying integral structure, the complete rate of insect body is more than 95%, which improves the utilization rate of energy and space.
3, insect body treatment: day, time storage insect optional, far infrared high temperature insecticide. The insect collector is an eight-bit automatic conversion system.
4. Turn on the light automatically at night and turn off the light automatically during the day. Under the working condition of night, the working condition is not changed by the instantaneous bright light.
5. Time period control can be set: according to the living habits of target pests, the time period for turning on and off can be set by ourselves.
The system can measure and display the soil temperature, soil humidity, wind speed, wind direction and illumination.
7, data recording function, the system measurement and control data automatically recorded in the SD card, convenient to import the computer for data analysis and processing.
★8, remote communication function, can be connected with the computer or more than one bug detection lamp.
9, automatic control function, according to the set bug storage mode in a timely section of automatic control warehouse change.
10. Manual control function. The user can control the lamp, far-infrared insect killer and warehouse change operation by pressing the buttons on the operation panel.
11. Turn off lights automatically in rainy days and enter standby mode.
12, automatic drainage system, can effectively separate rain, insects, prevent rain wet insect body.
Using OLED full Chinese display screen, display clear, not affected by strong light.
14. Leakage protection function can effectively prevent life damage caused by leakage.
15, with lightning protection system, can effectively prevent lightning strike.
16. The overall structure is made of stainless steel.
Performance parameters:
1. Trap light source: black light with main wavelength of 365nm and power of 20W; Different wavelengths of black light can be used depending on the pest species.
2. Impact screen: 120 ° Angle to each other, single screen size: 595±2mm in length, 213±2mm in width and 5mm in thickness.
3. Working voltage: ac160-260v /50Hz.
4. Maximum power of the whole machine: 450W.
5. Standby power consumption is less than 5W.
6, insulation resistance: 20 m Ω DC500V acuity.
7. Compressive strength: AC1500V 1min.
8. Lamp start time: <5s.
9. Lamp body size: 680mm×680mm×1930mm.
10. Design life: 10-15 years.

key words: RC-NC320N

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