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Vehicle-mounted spore trapRC-NB2

Vehicle-mounted spore trapRC-NB2

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Product Description
Technical parameters:
1. Design according to the standards of GB 24689.3-2009-t mechanical spore trap for plant protection.
2, compatible with ATCSP pest detection and prevention system.
3. Power voltage: DC12V, no less than 10.8v, works normally.
4, with a power management module, support power indicator, low voltage protection function, prevent the battery over discharge, affect the service life.
5. Power: <5w.
6. Material: stainless steel.
7. Slide specification: length: 76.2mm; Width: 25.4 mm; Thickness: 1-1.2 mm.
8. Air gathering port wind speed: 0.3m/s-5m/s.
9, insulation resistance: 20 m Ω DC500V acuity.
10, can be placed on the bicycle, motorcycle, tool car and other sports carrier, easy to flow monitoring spores.
11. Size: 400mm×210mm×200mm.
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