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Pesticide residue detector -L series

Pesticide residue detector -L series

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Product Description
Product features:
1. According to the standard design of GB/ t5009.199-2003, it is suitable for the rapid determination of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables.
★2, 24 channel independent light detection, all detection channels are independent of each other, non-interference, and can manually close the channel not used.
3, large LCD screen, all Chinese operation interface.
4, with large capacity FLASH (memory), can automatically save the channel detection data.
★5, the machine with a variety of tested samples of information, convenient sample test results can be traced.
6. It can print the test report directly with its own micro printer.
7, can view historical data records, and can selectively print out the relevant data.
8, large capacity and long life lithium battery power supply, convenient portable field test.
9, with dozens of vegetables to choose from.
10. The instrument can automatically judge whether the data is qualified, instead of manual judgment, and the test result is more scientific and intuitive.
11. The instrument has its own calibration function, free from maintenance.
12. Vehicle power supply is optional to provide convenience for users to configure flow detection.
Technical parameters:
1. Stability of photocurrent: ≤±1%T/3 min.
2. Transmission ratio accuracy: ≤±1.5%.
3, transmission specific gravity renaturation: ≤0.5%.
4. Absorbance display value range: 0.001-4.000.
5. Inhibition rate measurement range: 0-100%.
6. Test time: 1-9 minutes is optional.
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